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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Technological woes

I need something I can write directly onto, with no internet distraction, with immediate printing. At the moment, in this household, we each have a laptop and there are two printers. I can only use the printer that does not belong to me, as my printer refuses to acknowledge Windows 7, which is what runs on my Toshiba laptop. So, if I want to print out my latest WIP on my Ricoh laser printer (essential for printing a long document if you want to produce it in less than about a day) I have to borrow either my husband's old Acer, or my daughter's elderly MacBook. Usually she's at school and I can email my book to the Mac and print off on the Ricoh. But MacBooks seem to use something very fragile in the power cables, or, more accurately, the bit that you stick into the Mac itself. They fray. We get through two or three a year. This can't be right. We aren't using them as dog leads or skipping ropes, just as a method of connecting a laptop to a socket.

Meanwhile the laser printer has run out of ink and when I took the cartridge into the print cartridge shop in Wantage, the shop owner had never seen one like it. I don't think this is a Good Sign, do you?

I really wonder sometimes why we don't go back to electric typewriters.